Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Superliners On the Road

For those of you that don't know by now developer LordMannu has been hard at work on what will possibility be one of the best Passenger sets for railworks. He has modeled the legendary Amtrak Superliner Double Decker Cars. According to him these cars will include a Genesis P42DC. While he has be absent as of late his work continues to bring fresh air to a growing simulator.

Minor Update

With no major updates, Tom slap on the first coat to the Amfleet and then will add the schemes. There still isn't word or development in the Passenger View yet, but when we have it you will know.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whats New!!!!!!

Ok to start over with the RSC team has been hard at work with doing the Rolling Stock for the NEC. a few notes to start off.

1). There has been official word that the Wire Height has been set at 6.64 Meters.

2) Production has started on the NEC and its Rolling Stock.

We have photos on the works of some of the members that drop off these:

So there you have it. Masterpieces still in their early stages. Stay Tuned!

New Forum

I recently opened up a forum to all my followers and fans of the NEC project. This forum contains rare and hard to find information on U.S. and Canada trains. Everything from diagrams, charts, drawigns and more. Check it out and join!

Click Here to See


I decided to report the latest information regarding RSC's version of the NEC and all of its Rolling Stock. You will see the latest and get most up-to-date on progress. Keep it lock right here for all your News NEC.

Its Been awhile

I know its been a long time since the release, but alot of things have happen that have kept me away from this project. One includes the fact that I'm way better than I was when I first started this, second RSC's Version of the route. I'm taking steps in preparing myself to start over if the payware version turns out to be a bust. I'm hoping otherwise. If all goes well I made never have to start over, but do an extension project on their version. If not well yuo will be hearing from me more often.

Till Then stay tuned.