Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beta is out now!

So I finally finished over 90% of the Scenery between BWI & Bowie. Its now time to unveil the route to the public. You can now download it at the following:




You will need an additional extras that were not included in the release:

3d Trains Scaleroad & Scalerail (Including ASTF versions), & their scenery pack.
Keith's WCML (West Coast Mainline)

Any problems let me know. Being this is beta, alot of stuff have been excluded or unfinished. If you would like to submit your changes that are relevant to the route and to be added to a final version, you must submit your edit copy to me with a list of changes.

Thankyou and I enjoy the feedback!


  1. nice job with the route. i grew up along the NEC and I've been on it many times. I use an Amtrak set and when driving the train you got "the look" of the NEC nailed.

    There are some parts however that look like it was just thrown together with no regard to detail, which is a shame considering the serious potential this route has. For example, the electrified route is missing all the suspension to ground systems for the overhead wires.

    I would love to see more detail done to the scenery and more of the route if possible but overall, very cool to have this highly desired route so far.

    Welll done... nice start!

    Any new update to the route?

  2. There won't be anymore updates, only a new start over if needed. Keep an eye out here there will be daily updates.

  3. Will the route go all the way to Boston or will it terminate in New York? or Philly?

  4. i want acela express? have you got it in this download lonk